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The Sky Shelves Origins

The innovative idea all started when we moved into our new home. There was so much space not being properly utilized. We wanted more space but most importantly the ability to better utilize the existing space! However, present solutions simply did not fit our ever changing needs. That is when we said "Why doesn't someone make a customizable, adaptable and easy to use shelving solution?!"

That is when Sky Shelves was born.

Fast forward a few million seconds

We received our first prototypes, we wanted to use them everywhere; the office, the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, counter spaces,  the bathroom and more places.

 If this looks like the sort of straightforward, stylish and functional furniture that deserves a place in your home or office then there is no better time to get your Sky Shelves!

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We also had a successful crowdfunding experience on Indiegogo!