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Sky Shelves Introduces the Ultimate Solution to Storage Needs!

Ever wished you had just a little more space at home/office? We understand that with time your space and storage needs are forever changing. We also understand how annoying screws and tools can be.

How does it work?


Simply insert the legs into each other until desired height. Then, insert a shoe on the bottom leg.


Now, insert legs into boards. Please note – adjacent boards can share legs to maximize space.


For Magnetize Me option, every corner of each board has integrated magnets. When Magnetize Me shoe is placed above the corner of a board a magnetic field will be created which will provide stability and rigidity to the multi-level shelving unit.   See examples for ideal use of Sky Shelves.

Create your desired combination from an infinite possibilities.

(Please note recommended height are 1-3 legs per level depending on the desired structure. Starting with a 1 leg base will provide more stability.)  



Why two products?

The most complete one is Magnetize Me which is adaptable, customizable and magnetic. The second version is Simply Shelves which is adaptable and customizable but is non-magnetic. Both function exactly the same way minus the magnetic aspect. Simply Shelves is ideal for one level shelving and is cost efficient. Magnetize Me give you the flexibility of endless combination due to its integrated magnets which provides rigidity and stability when the shelves are being stacked on top of each other.


We’ve obsessed over every element and functional detail on Sky Shelves while exercising great care and consideration with each aspect of product development. We wanted to separate ourselves from others on the market, and have worked hard to ensure our product is useful today, and strong enough to last for the future! 

We believe space is an important element to everyone's life and has a direct impact on your well-being – that’s why we designed Sky Shelves. We offer a lower cost non-magnetic “Simply Shelves” option for anyone who just needs a basic shelf. Our team has created the storage solution we felt was missing on the market – a strong, sturdy shelving system you can build, adapt and change in seconds!

The best part, Sky Shelves has a "No Tools, No Screws" approach which enables you to easily redesign & relocate your shelves whenever desired.