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Choose which types of Sky Shelves you need:

1) Magnetize Me (magnetic)

2) Simply Shelves (non magnetic)

3) A mix of both.

Note: Simply Shelves and Magnetize Me are the same design. The only difference Magnetize Me boards and Shoes are integrated with magnets.

    MAGNETIZE ME (magnetic)

    Magnetize Me is the full Sky Shelves experience.  All boards and shoes are equipped with magnets. Ideal for multi-level Sky Shelves structures.

    Robust in design with extremely strong and safe magnets which will keep your shelves together regardless of the rough and tumble that you subject them to.

      SIMPLY SHELVES (non magnetic)

      Simply Shelves is ideal for one level shelving and an easy way of doubling up your space. It is cost efficient, practical and can be used in anywhere. 


        STEP TWO 

        1) It is recommend to get a starter-kit (6 board kit) as an initial order. You can opt for a Simply Shelves starter kit or Magnetize Me starter kit.

        If you chose the starter kit option you are all set and done, go back to shopping.

        2) If you prefer to create your own package/customize continue to step three.

        STEP THREE 

        Select the boards of your choice and color.

          Every board has its advantages. 

          For example, the triangle boards are great for corners or to work around tall items.

          It really depend on your needs and how creative you can be! Hence "Your Space. Your Design."

          The boards can be combined together to extend its length, its width, to create unique shapes which will solve your particular needs. 

            STEP FOUR

            Select your leg size.

            Minimum of 1 leg per corner if boards are used individually.

            Please note, adjacent boards can share legs on adjacent sides.

            You have the choice between two leg sizes. 

            • Large : 105 mm / 4.15 inches 
            • Small : 74 mm / 2.9 inches

            Combine any leg size together to increase the height of a board. Legs can easily and firmly insert in one another. 


            For example, one leg of 74mm can be inserted into the other leg of 105 mm to create a total height of 179mm. Or 2 legs of the same size 74mm+74mm=148mm and so on.

            Each leg package comes with 8 legs of one size.

            Recommended height 1 to 3 legs depending on the structure which is created and load.

            Each board includes the right amount of silicone shoes. The silicone shoes are to be inserted at the bottom of each leg column. 

            STEP FIVE

            Let's go shopping!