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Your Space. Your Design.

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Magnetize Me are easily stackable

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Your Space. Your Design.

Simply Shelves

Easily interconnect your boards

Sky Shelves at a Glance

Magnetize Me (magnetic) vs Simply Shelves (non magnetic)

Same design with one difference.

Why two products

a great way to use - simply shelves!


I loved their concept when I came across them because most of the time I find that there is rarely a solution to what I’m looking for when it comes to organizing my desk, or desks for that matter. I knew they had a solution for me to help with staying more organized!


You can add height and additional shelves with interconnecting pieces. Incredibly, this gives you the ability to redesign your space without the use of tools, screws, or adhesives!

The GadgetFlow

The whole “no tools, no screws” approach to these Sky Shelves certainly appeals to us here at The Coolector given our own ineptitude at DIY and for those similarly afflicted and seeking the perfect means of easily installing shelving anywhere around their home, this really is the ideal solution.

The Coolector

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